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BioHermes has developed innovative and convenient products for Obstetrics and POCT testing market, including IGFBP-1, fFN and IGFBP-1/fFN rapid test kits.

BioHermes is expanding its product offerings into POCT market with introducing new products for chronic disease testing and in particular in the Diabetes care testing market. The company has recently launched the A1C EZTM system for measuring HbA1c levels in patients with diabetes. The A1C EZTM is a portable handheld meter using convenient test strips requiring only 5ul of whole blood. Tests are completed in less than 5 minutes. The system was developed to not require special storage requirements and is the only system of this type that allows 18-month room temperature storage of the test strips. Testing results have demonstrated the A1C EZTM system to have lab-level accuracy and the system has been NGSP certified. The portability and convenience of the A1C EZTM gives patients the opportunity to have their HbA1c level tested anytime, anywhere.

Cataloq A1C EZ 2.0TM









The A1C EZ 2.0 analyzer can precisely measure a patient’s HbA1c level in the physicians’ office or health clinics. The system is designed for the global market, which completes the test within 5min, requires only about 3ul capillary blood sample and has been certified by NGSP and IFCC.


·              Immediate assessment of HbA1c

·              For diagnosis of diabetes.

·              To evaluate the effectiveness of glycemic control of patients

·              Screening of high-risk group of diabetes

Easy to Use

·              Handheld, battery-driven, portable

·              Calibration not required

·              Only about 3 microliter capillary blood sample

·              Simple operation

·              Test strips can be kept at room temperature as long as 12 months

·              Voice prompt for operation instructions

·              Bluetooth, USB and printer connections


·              NGSP Certified

·              IFCC Certified

·              CE Mark

·              Boronate Affinity Chromatography

·              CV<3%


·              Immediate feedback in 5 minutes

·              3 minutes for operation

·              Test at normal temperature

·              No pre-heat



Watch or listen to audio, video, or multimedia presentations related to the A1c EZ. Also, view demonstrations, tutorials, when available.

A1C EZ Operation Tutorials:

A1C EZ<sup>TM</sup>Device Operation Guide

A1c EZ Operation Flow Chart














A1C EZ<sup>TM</sup>Device Operation Guide

A1c EZ Maintenance and Cleaning Flow Chart













A1C EZ Operation Guide Videos:

Operation guide video

A1C EZ maintenance and cleaning guide video

A1C EZ Data Sheets:

A1C EZ<sup>TM</sup>Device Operation Guide

A1c EZ Data Sheets























Where we use it?
Primary medical institutions (community health service centers)
Outpatient service and hospital ward with almost all branches, such as: endocrinology dept, emergency room, ophthalmology dept, nephrology dept, neurology dept, obstetrics dept, dermatology dept, surgery dept, etc.
Physical examination organizations

Patients home monitor

What we use it for?

Screening diabetes, identifying the risk of diabetes, preventing diabetes effectively

Choosing initial therapeutic regimen for newly diagnosed

Regularly monitoring patients who already applied drugs, timely adjusting the therapeutic regimen, preventing the complications

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