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Vision & Mission


“Being the Best Distributor of Medical Devices and Trusted for Laboratories and Hospitals in Indonesia”

“Menjadi Distributor Alat Kesehatan yang Terbaik dan Terpercaya untuk Laboratorium dan Rumah Sakit di Indonesia”


– Provide quality Medical Devices & Clinical Laboratory Equipments.
– Provide a Good Product Distribution Channels and On Time Delivery For Customers.
– Always Innovative and Responsive to Development of Technology of Medical Devices and Clinical Laboratory Equipment in Indonesia.

– Menyediakan Alat Kesehatan & Peralatan Laboratorium Klinik berkualitas.
– Menyediakan Distribusi Produk yang Baik dan Cepat.
– Selalu inovatif dan responsif untuk Pengembangan Teknologi Alat Kesehatan dan Alat Laboratorium Klinik di Indonesia.


PT MACROCITRA ARDANASEJATI is a distributor of medical equipment that has had more than 25 years distributing various needs of laboratories and hospitals in Indonesia. During the 25 years of traveling PT MACROCITRA ARDANASEJATI always strive to provide quality health tools to support the needs of laboratories and hospitals both private and government as well as provide the best service. PT MACROCITRA ARDANASEJATI cooperation with distributors in various provinces so that consumers can get quality medical devices products quickly and also to develop the business area. PT MACROCITRA ARDANASEJATI has been established since 1991 to run the business of medical devices.

PT MACROCITRA ARDANASEJATI adalah distributor alat kesehatan yang telah memiliki pengalaman lebih dari 25 tahun mendistribusikan berbagai kebutuhan laboratorium dan rumah sakit di Indonesia.
Selama 25 tahun perjalanan PT MACROCITRA ARDANASEJATI selalu berusaha menyediakan alat kesehatan yang berkualitas untuk menunjang kebutuhan Laboratorium dan Rumah Sakit baik swasta maupun pemerintah serta memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik.
PT MACROCITRA ARDANASEJATI bekerjasama dengan distributor di berbagai provinsi agar konsumen dapat mendapatkan produk alat kesehatan berkualitas dengan cepat dan juga untuk mengembangkan usaha daerah.
PT MACROCITRA ARDANASEJATI telah berdiri sejak tahun 1991 menjalankan bisnis alat kesehatan.

Sole Distributor of

Right Sign – Hangzhou Biotest Biotech, China

Drug Of Abuse test, hCG test,etc

Plasmatec Laboratory, United Kingdom

Widal test, TPHA, RPR, Streptoccocus, Staphylococcal,etc

Greiner Bio One, Germany

Tissue Culture, Bio Banking, Microbiology, Plastic ware

Clever Chek – Taidoc Technology Corporation, Taiwan

Blood Glucose Monitoring System, Blood Pressure Monitoring System

Bio Hermes

Handheld POCT HbA1c Analyzer

Macrocitra Network Distribution

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