Linkfar Lancets

About This Principal

We have maintained a strong product research and development capability,adhered to the technical progress and promoted the rapid development of company.
The company has a number of PHDS as the main research and development backbone, and the master, bachelor and high/intermediate technical titles account for 90% , 80% of which have the engineer title.
For more than ten years, we has been devoted more than 10% of sales to new product development every year.



The patented design of protective cap can be conversely re-capped into lancet body after use,which avoids the possibility of cross infection
Needle is fully shielded before and after use
Needle is retractable
Self-destructing design


Double springs inside lancet body
Silicone-coated needle tip
Tri-bevel needle tip


Ergonomic design for easy handling

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Needle is protected by safety cap to keep it sterile

Universal Design

Lancet is compatible with most lancing devices


A wide range of needle sizes and tri-bevel needle tip guarantee superior sharpness and adequate blood sample

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