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Plasmatec manufactures and markets over 50 CE marked products, through our global distributor network in more than 70 countries. Core products are in the areas of latex microbiology and serology, blood grouping antisera, syphilis serology and pregnancy testing. Our reputation as a leading manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic tests is based on our commitment to provide our customers with consistently high quality products within the framework of ISO 13485:2012 and ISO 9001:2008. The company has a seasoned management team with over 50 years of industry experience, operating from purpose built facilities based at Bridport in the South West of England.



Blood Grouping Antisera

Latex Microbiology Tests

Syphilis Serology Tests

Febrile Antigen Tests

  • Salmonella typhi H antigen
  • Salmonella H paratyphi A antigen
  • Salmonella H paratyphi B antigen
  • Salmonella H paratyphi C antigen
  • Salmonella typhi O antigen
  • Salmonella 0 paratyphi A antigen
  • Salmonella 0 paratyphi B antigen
  • Salmonella 0 paratyphi C antigen

Latex Serology Tests

Pregnancy Tests


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