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19 Oct Plasmatec Blood Grouping Antisera

High quality in-vitro diagnostic tests. Manufactured in the United Kingdom.
Plasmatec murine monoclonal ABO and anti-D reagents are manufactured to the highest standards from selected supernatants of specific antibody secreting cell lines. They are valid and potent preparations suitable for slide, tube, microplate and automated methods.

The monoclonal anti-A and anti-A,B reagents are particularly suitable for the detection of Ax subtype, using an appropriate technique. These reagents have the advantage that, unlike polyclonal antisera, they do not possess anti-T and Tk activity. This means they may be used reliably to group red blood cells where these antigens have been exposed. Similarly neither the anti-A or anti-A,B reagents will react with the acquired B phenotype.
All Plasmatec blood grouping reagents are colour-coded according to international convention. They contain 0.1% sodium azide as a preservative and are stable for two years from the date of manufacture.

The Plasmatec anti-D IgM monoclonal reagent is an avid and potent preparation derived from invitro culture supernatants of antibody producing cell lines. The preparation is optimised for use in slide, tube and microplate methods, and is designed to detect a high proportion of weak D (Du) antigens and the majority of D variants.
Plasmatec anti-human globulin is prepared by the immunisation of rabbits with purified human IgG. Non-specific activity in the rabbit serum is removed by absorption. The anti-C3d component is an IgM monoclonal antibody prepared from culture supernatants.

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